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    information from those that count.
    Understand your business by getting quick & effective feedback.

Information from those that count!

Buzz-tap provides managers and businesses with essential real time feedback directly from their users and staff. No more time spent in long & tedious surveys. Buzz-Tap can give you short and long-term trending for you to be agile and plan your strategy accordingly.


Simple to use, quick to use, powerful results!

  • Available for iOS and android
  • Easy to use
  • Real time analytics
  • Customizable
  • Anonymous results
  • Cost effective
  • Codes available in all languages
Transform data into information and information into insight!

How it works

  • Create your account and define your questions
  • The users will download the app, will spend seconds of their time to respond
  • You get the results real time anonymously
  • Export the data in the preferable format
  • Review the scores & you plan your strategy
Discover the true value of feedback!

Tap into your audience minsdset

  • Get familiar with Buzz-Tap and get the first responses for free!
  • Calculate your cost and contact us for any customized solution!

Send us your ideas and your customized requests!

Buzz-Tap is adjustable to your company’s needs and requirements.