Buzz-tap costs

Buzz-tap billing is simple - it's based upon usage - the more feedback your teams or customers provide, the cheaper it gets per response!

Usage billing is perfect if you have variable usage patterns; you're only charged for the responses you receive each month! If you have a month where you collect no data at all, then there is no charge! You can continue to use the data and conduct your analysis, and its ready to go next time you need to!

Are you a user only needing to collect a few hundred results per month? No problems, this pricing model is perfect for you. High volume user who uses Buzz-Tap frequently? No problems, the discounts increase the more you use.

We're transparent on our costs as we appreciate that having cost unpredictability is undesirable, so we provide a billing usage report that you can access at any time.

Try our pricing calculator here to see what your monthly costs would potentially be:

Buzz-Tap Pricing Calculator

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Buzz-Tap Custom Pricing

If you're interested in large scale or you have special requirements, please contact us for custom prices