Buzz-Tap - elegance in its simplicity

In order for you to get feedback, without annoying and driving people away, the solution has to be fast and unobtrusive.

There is a temptation to ask increasingly long and complex survey questions, but ask yourself how many times you've not responded or havent had the desire or time to fill them in? Clearly, people are time poor, so you need to get in, ask the question quickly, give them the ability to answer your question super fast, and then they are done - you get the information you need, they get to give their opinon quickly and efficiently.


Sign up

Sign up to Buzz-Tap and create your code and question


Download the free app

Ask your users or customers to download the app


Input the data

Send them the code or a QR image so they can give their feedback



Watch as your results flow in, analyse the results and plan your strategy!

Use Case 1: Team Management

Buzz-tap is the perfect tool for helping you manage your team. With more and more people working from home, apart from having constant video calls - how do you tell how they are feeling?

It's more important than ever to keep your finger on the pulse of your team and be the leader they need. How are they feeling? How are they finding the work arrangements? Is there something more you'd like to do to be a better manager and a better leader? With Buzz-Tap you can set the question, ask the team to send in their results in every day and you have your answers that you can action.

Use Case 2: Team Issues

Have an issue in a team but cant work out what the issue is? Perhaps you're seeing unhappy faces or high attrition - but the yearly staff survey looks good? We've seen this very situation a few times, turns out the Manager in charge of the team made sure the yearly results were carefully answered and scripted, so senior management were blind. Buzz-Tap is the perfect solution to this. The feedback is anonymous and on the user's phone, so you cant have someone watching over your shoulder 24*7. Provide the team's results and comments to your senior leadership and you'll soon see pin down the root causes of the issues.

Use Case 3: Customer Satisfaction?

Happy customers? Lets hope so! But sometimes, you just can't tell and Buzz-Tap can help you there. By having a printed picture of your Buzz-Tap code in your shop, or perhaps on the back of your receipt, you can ask them to scan and give feedback quickly and easily! No asking them to fill in ungainly surveys and missing out on valuable feedback, they can literally respond in seconds.

Use Case 4: Change Management

Change happens - it's a part of life and inevitable! But how well are people adjusting to it? Do they like it or hate it, Is it improving as you tweak the changes or is it still a challenge? By getting Buzz-Tap to work for you, you can have a baseline for your changes and work from there, reviewing the historical data and trends to make sure they are heading in the right direction. It can be a very useful tool to get a macro view of change and enabled you to adjust your change strategies and messaging, or validate that you're heading in the right way.

Analysis Engine - use the options available or download the data directly.